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Name Leighton Hall
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Sectors Stately Homes
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Mini Summery Sophisticated CMS to easily allow Leighton Hall to promote all aspects of their business. Integrated newsletter system to inform subscribers of the latest news and events at Leighton Hall.

It's time to rebrand and rebuild

Leighton Hall are a relatively new customer to HCI, having choosen to team up with HCI during the Covid years. A large part of their decision, to work with HCI, was based on HCI's years of experience working in the Historic Houses sector. Leighton Hall came to us with a comprehensive remit to rebrand, based our the family coat of arms, and to then bring that branding into a responsive website that could be managed inhouse.


HCI produced a bespoke implementation of their CMS for Leighton Hall. This implementation delivered a fully responsive website using their refreshed branding. A breakdown of the work includes:

Content Management System

  • Making use of the HCI Content Management System suite of built-in features, Leighton Hall are able to edit text, images, SEO & Meta tags, page navigation and page visibility all within the click of a few buttons.
  • An extensive set of user management tools, allowing their Administrators and Site Managers to handle the scope of what their content editors can and can't do effectively.
  • Control more complex bits of content from an Admin Area, such as Page Highlights, News Articles, Job Vacancies and more.
  • Delivery of an integrated newsletter creation and management system. This systems accomodates multiple newsletter lists and groups.
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Client Testimonial HCI are our main supplier for websites, e-commerce and data management systems. So reliability, value for money and attention to detail are massively important to us. Beyond this, the thing we value most about our relationship with HCI is that they're good listeners: they hear what we're asking for, and translate this into reality without us having to worry too much about the 'technical stu' - leaving us to get on with what we're good at, whilst they get on with what they're good at. It's a relationship that's worked very well since 2005.
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